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Bosch launches Paviro all-in-one PA-VA system

Bosch has unveiled Paviro, a combined public address and voice alarm system with EN54 certification. The system focuses on providing audio quality and being very energy efficient.

The flexible, modular system architecture makes it suitable for office building, regional airports, hotels, schools and more. It claims to have ‘best-in-class’ audio quality and reliability as an evacuation system and clarity and intelligibility as a public address system.

Paviro includes system-wide four-channel matrix architecture and can distribute up to four audio signals simultaneously to different loudspeaker zones. Additionally, individual announcements in any zone do not interrupt music in the other zones.

‘Basic’ and ‘Expert’ configuration modes ensure ease of use and allow a fast building of the complete system architecture. The basic mode wizard provides a step-by-step configuration guide, which makes it possible to program a basic system within 30 minutes. The Expert mode provides almost unlimited system design flexibility, perfect for optimising configurations in more complex and challenging applications.

The combination of source routing and amplifier input switching reduces the number of amplifiers required and therefore ensures a lower initial investment. This also reduces on-going operational costs and means fewer batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis.

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