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Blue Jeans research reveals gap in videoconferencing investment

Blue Jeans videoconferencing research reveals disparity between UK business users who feel videoconferencing is useful and those businesses that have actually deployed solutions.

Blue Jeans Network has revealed the findings of its research into videoconferencing in UK businesses, which suggests a disparity between business users who feel videoconferencing is useful and those businesses that have actually deployed solutions.

The results show that 59% of UK business users believe videoconferencing has led to increased employee productivity in their business. However, the research also identified that among 116 IT and Operations decision makers surveyed in the UK, the vast majority of businesses still have not invested in the tools needed to gain the benefits that come with videoconferencing. Additionally, just 41% agree that their organisation’s videoconferencing hardware puts them in the best position to achieve business goals. This highlights a significant gap between what businesses see as a useful tool and the number of businesses with the right technology in place to make use of it.

Ximo Villarroya, partner, Livingstone, commented: “Communication can present challenges for any business, especially those with offices around the world. Using the right videoconferencing tools improves interaction between international staff, which is vital in building strong, meaningful business relationships. Without it, organisations are missing out on a real business trick.”

The research also found that, 67% of IT and Operations decision-makers feel that videoconferencing has resulted in better internal morale and stronger intra-organisational relationships with 82% agreeing that videoconferencing reduces the chance of miscommunication in their business.

James Campanini VP & GM EMEA, Blue Jeans Network explained:“The hot topic in businesses right now and perhaps even more broadly is the balance between austerity measures and productivity gains, organisations are doing everything they can to help drive this and move forward efficiently. Without the right Information Technology services in place, businesses can really hold themselves back. Our research has found that a third (34%) say that an IT person often has to set-up meetings. Organising and setting up a video call should not be a difficult task and IT resources should be better deployed.”

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