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Bicentennial Centre roars with L-Acoustics arrays

The champions of the Kansas Profesional Indoor Football Leage, the Salina Bombers, now have an L-Acoustics Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus arrays to get the crowd going at their home stadium, the Bicentennial Centre. Audio specialist Parkway Communications handled installation of the system at the 7,500-seat multipurpose facility in the US, which has hosted everything from concerts, theatre, circuses and civic events to rodeos, basketball, and roller derby.

The city-owned venue, which is managed by Philadelphia-based Global Spectrum, required a new system after the original no longer fit the bill.

“New sound and lights are going a long way for our fans, clients and internal operations,” commented Chris Bird of Global Spectrum. “Our fans are now able to see and hear events better than ever before, and our clients are able to present a higher quality product. It’s a ‘win-win’ for all involved with the Salina Bicentennial Center.”

The new rig incorporates 28 L-Acoustics Arcs Wide systems flown in four arrays of four cabinets for the north/south ends of the arena, plus two cabinets for the west end and four corner positions. The east-facing array pairs an Arcs Focus with two Arcs Wide, while six SB18i subs and four LA8 and one LA4 amplified controllers round out the system.

Additionally, a portable “floor” system consists of four Arcs Wide tops mounted on poles above four SB18 subs. The flexibility provided by this portable system was key to the job’s success as it can also be deployed as separate point sources on tripods, or as a flown left/right system above a portable stage as dictated by the event. A pair of LA8s powers the portable system.

“Flexibility and functionality were key, and the Arcs Wifo system can accomplish all of this with standard rigging,” commented Dan Palmer, L-Acoustics’ national manager of installation projects. “The system provides articulate, full-range, high-impact sound to all audience listening areas.”