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Curved eyevis omniSHAPES videowall installed in Bell Helicopter HQ

Bell Helicopter has installed a convex curved videowall consisting of 48 eyevis omniSHAPES rear projection display modules in the main lobby of its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The 8.4sqm videowall has a resolution of 8,192 x 4,608 pixels and contrast enhancing brightness from the omniSHAPES screens.

The design of the building was already completed and the construction was underway when Bell decided to install a videowall. This meant the solution had to fit in the outer wall of an elliptical architectural element, which led to the specification of a convex videwall.

“Datacom selected the eyevis omniSHAPES because it was the only videowall cube system that can be configured into convex shapes and fit the elliptical architectural element appropriately”, stated Richard Bumpass consultant at Datacom Design Group, who was responsible for the design of the AV systems. Datacom Design Group further designed other low voltage systems in the building including IT communications and security systems. eyevis omniSHAPES are exclusively distributed in North America through Ayon Visual Solutions.

The omniSHAPES modules have a design that enables the installation of curved videowalls with an angle of up to 12°. This was how the intergrator AVI-SPL could fit the videowall into the architectural element. In addition, as there was no room to the rear of the displays, the front support of the omniSHAPES aided installation and maintenance.

The videowall is used in the lobby primarily to display marketing information and the internally produced Rotorvision content. Additionally, there are local signal inputs so that the lobby space can be used for presentations. The local inputs contain multiple source signals that run over fibre optic cables to the netPIX graphics controller from eyevis. These include a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, and a content manager that enables RSS feeds and scheduling of content played. In order to achieve a futureproof system the eyevis netPIX graphics controllers and professional input and output cards mean the whole signal transmission is 4K ready.

“We are very proud to be involved in such a magnificent project by a world-leading brand as Bell Helicopter. With our unique omniSHAPES solution we were able to fulfil the demanding requirements of the project. The new videowall will surely bring their company message across to visitors and employees passing the videowall in their splendid new headquarter building,” commented Rainer Link, director international sales at eyevis.

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