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Barco teams with Televic on ‘living labs’ university project

Barco and Televic have collaborated with Belgium’s largest university, KU Leuven, for the launch of the TECOL project (Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Learning).

Under the TECOL agreement, KU Leuven, Barco, and Televic have set up ‘living labs’ at the university’s Kortrijk campus (KULAK) to put new learning approaches to the test.

To discover the impact of trends like flipped classrooms, peer reviewing, multi- site environments and virtual classrooms, the TECOL project partners created a ‘living lab’ at KULAK. Televic Education brought its digital media and classroom management software, while Barco contributed the weConnect Active Learning room solution.

weConnect includes BYOD functionality so students and teachers can share graphics, video, audio, applications, etc. – on the pod displays or via the classroom projector. In addition, students and teachers are able to access any content, annotate it and store it locally on their devices. Support for polls, real-time feedback and silent questions stimulate interactive learning.

There was a positive first trial, which proved the compatibility of weConnect and Televic technologies, and in a preparatory lecture at KULAK, aspiring students were able to answer poll questions and ask silent questions, all on their own mobile phone, with the results shared via weConnect. In addition, multiple classrooms were merged to virtually form one single room. In this way, the students who were unable to get a seat in the big lecture room could follow the session remotely.

Rik Torfs, rector at KU Leuven said: “This is a unique chance for KU Leuven to position itself as a frontrunner in edtech. More importantly, we hope to gain interesting insights into how technology can help boost interactivity and collaboration and, as such, raise engagement levels and improve the success of our students.”