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Barco projectors to take centre stage at Eurovision Song Contest

A large quantity of Barco projectors has been specified for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place 14 – 18 May. The company says the event will be the largest show with HDQ projectors to date.

Barco has revealed details of its involvement in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – for which 60 of its projectors and three of its Encore systems will be driving images at the Malmö Arena in Sweden.

The Eurovision Song Contest, which is now in its 57th year, will take place from 14 – 18 May. Barco is an official technical event partner at what is known as the largest annual live TV music event in Europe.

A large number of projectors set to be used at the event will be from Barco’s latest high-brightness range, including: 28 HDQ-2K40 projectors, 13 of which will be blended and warped into a spectacular back wall – which will be the main feature of the stage design. Content will be fed from Green Hippo servers, via a Barco Encore system contacting five video processors, Matrix PRO DVI 8 x8, Matrix PRO II SDI 3G and a large controller.

Other destinations will also be fed by additional video processors. The company says that proprietary BarcoLink technology will guarantee swift and rugged signal distribution between the projectors and image processors, thus enabling a much easier set-up and cost savings.

With 28 HDQ-2K40 projectors being used, the European Song Content 2013 will be the largest show with HDQs to date.

“I’m very happy to have Barco back onboard as a technical event supplier. We’ve done many spectacular and crazy things together in the past, and we are up for it again. I am also amazingly thrilled over the fact that we now have a projector that can compete in output with a moving light. It has been needed and sought for, for many years,” commented Ola Melzig, technical director of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

“Every year, the ESC [European Song Contest] stuns the world with a fantastic visual show,” said Reggy Mortier, director market development at Barco. “It’s a great opportunity for Barco to showcase our innovative video and projection solutions to an immense audience. There have even been shows where the ESC premiered the use of some of our products, like in 2007 with our MiTRIX LED screen. This year, our HDQ-2K40 projector will be the star. We’re so much looking forward to the show.”

Photo credit: Ralph Larmann