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ISE 2014: Barco makes ClickShare more affordable

Back in November 2013 Barco doubled the options available for its collaboration and presentation system, ClickShare. The new, more affordable base unit is making its first major outing at this year's ISE and aims to open up the benefits of ClickShare to all meeting rooms.

Having been announced in November, ISE 2014 is seing the first major public appearance of Barco’s new CSM Base Unit for its ClickShare collaboration and presentation system. ClickShare now comes in two flavours – the new CSM Base Unit and the original full-featured CSC Base Unit – so that, according to Barco, any meeting room can benefit from the ClickShare experience.

The new CSM Base Unit offers the core ClickShare experience at a lower price. It displays images up to full HD resolution – via its HDMI or VGA output – and is fully compatible with both the ClickShare Button and the free apps for iOS and Android. Only one user can share on-screen at a time, but eight Buttons can be connected wirelessly to the base unit, ready to share. A set consists of the CSM Base Unit and two ClickShare Buttons.

For users who need higher resolution or a double screen setup, or want multiple users on the central screen at the same time, Barco recommends the current CSC Base Unit. Designed for high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms, Barco says that this system offers a full set of features to deliver a more complete ClickShare collaboration experience. Among other features, the CSC can drive two separate screens simultaneously, as well as support special output resolution, including panoramic composition (2560 x 1080). Up to four people can share content on-screen at the same time, while 64 Buttons can be ready to share.

“For the introduction of the CSM Base Unit we’ve made extensive use of the capabilities of AWIND, the Taiwanese technology-leader that Barco acquired earlier this year,” commented Guy Coen, general manager, collaboration at Barco. “This new base unit combines the many years of experience of both design teams to offer a new ClickShare experience.”

Stand: 11-H75, 11-F78