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Barco adds to laser phosphor range with first 18,000 lumens cinema projector

Barco is expanding its portfolio of laser-illuminated cinema projectors with the launch of the first two models of a new series of laser phosphor projectors. The DP2K-20CLP and DP2K-15CLP provide 18,000 and 13,500 lumens brightness respectively and begin shipping globally from Q2 2016.

“Exhibitors are constantly looking to offer their audiences superior image quality at a lower cost, and with greater simplicity, and our laser-illuminated projectors meet those demands perfectly,” commented Wim Buyens, senior VP of Barco’s entertainment division. “Now is the time to switch to laser. By selecting laser projection, exhibitors invest in the future. Following the digital cinema conversion, we’re proud to spearhead the transition from lamp-based to laser-illuminated projection by offering the widest range of laser-illuminated projectors in the industry.”

“Thanks to our complementary portfolio of laser projectors it becomes easier for exhibitors to benefit from laser-illuminated projection, irrespective of their screen size, theatre size, or budget. The Barco 6P flagship laser projectors for premium screens offer unprecedented image quality that wows audiences at an attractive total cost of ownership while our brand-new laser phosphor series for the mid-range reduces costs significantly and provides superior image quality,” said Stijn Henderickx, VP cinema at Barco. “What’s more, we’re proud to be the first manufacturer to introduce an 18,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema, which is three times the brightness of any other laser phosphor offering in the market.”

The laser phosphor projectors provide significant cost savings compared to lamp-based projectors. Barco claims the cooling system enables the projectors a lifetime operating time of 30,000 hours at 50% light output, which is equivalent to the lifetime of 30 Xenon lamps. Their optical efficiency results in electricity bill savings of up to 50%.

The projectors can also be retrofitted with cinema owners able to replace the lamp house of their existing Barco Barco DP2K-15C and DP2K-20C projectors with a laser phosphor module.

The first units of Barco’s laser phosphor series will be installed in China. “This is the result of the outstanding cooperation over many years between the China Film Group and Barco. It symbolises the importance of the China Film Group – Barco partnership and it is a sign of the growing impact of the Chinese cinema industry,” explained Buyens.

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