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Bar Le Treize installs RCF Media Series sound system

The newly opened Bar Le Treize in Colmar, France has installed a sound system designed by Enjoy Events, with their director Alexandre Bunzli specifiying RCF’s Media Series.

A total of eight Media M1001, powered by a pair of RCF HPS1500 Class H 2-channel professional amplifiers have been distributed evenly over the two floors (ground floor club and reserved dining upstairs).

Bunzli commented: “We like them because they have the same professional design as RCF’s Acustica C series but in this application the Media series was sufficient for their needs, and a more cost-effective option.”

For subwoofers, he then turned to RCF’s S4012 . “This is a very compact 12in and we chose it because complete integration of the design was a priority and the bass response and energy generated by this sub is amazing in comparison with its footprint.”

The set-up of the entire system was supervised by RCF project design manager, Michele Begotti.

Each floor has a dedicated DJ booth, equipped with Pioneer consoles, offering four separate inputs. The two zones are controlled independently and the processor is able to reverse the music input distribution from one area to another.

But being located in a quiet area of the town centre, Enjoy Events also knew that sound needed to be confined within the building’s environment and thanks to the RCF solution they have succeeded in avoiding any vibrations or unwanted noise pollution.

Enjoy Events is an RCF partner and familiar with the RCF catalogue, having been working with the Italian company for the past five years. Thus they were able to turn to RCF’s commercial audio catalogue to specify quantities of PL6X ceiling speakers and MR44T tiny wall monitors for the peripheral areas, such as cloakrooms, toilets and foyer. These are powered by RCF’s UP 2321 320W 100V line amplifiers.

“Enjoy Events is our main HDL line array partner in the east of France but they have been focusing on the installation and commercial audio markets since 2012,” stated French sales agent, Bertrand Delbar. “Therefore they have the knowledge to put together such a well-matched system at Le Treize.”