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Silverstone Experience integrates Polar solutions for The Ultimate Lap

Polar Integrated Solutions has worked closely with Fusion LX to deliver an AV solution with ‘excellent intelligibility’ for the Silverstone Experience’s Ultimate Lap.

The Ultimate Lap is one of ten visitor attractions at the motorsport circuit in Northamptonshire. Key to the success of this special-effects cinema is the audio provision, which complements “startling visuals” to immerse visitors in the recreation of some of the circuit’s most dramatic moments.

Project leaders Figment Productions originated the concept and integrators Fusion LX were appointed to carry out the installation. The objective was to comprise a 5.1 surround reinforcement in a partial-dome space, as well as stereo reproduction in a pre-event auditorium space.

Fusion LX consulted with Polar’s Mark Bromfield over the design and choice of systems to cover the two distinct settings. Visitors to the Ultimate Lap enter an ante-room to stand for an initial flat-screen video presentation, before moving into the striking dome structure, in which they are seated for an immersive video wall experience.

Having taken account of the brief, Bromfield visited a demo site where the Figment and Fusion LX teams were present and demonstrated a system based on AD-Systems DS-1 loudspeakers. Ideal for near field applications, the DS-1 is an ultra-compact, wide-range loudspeaker with 60W power-handling, that delivers what the company calls “outstanding reproduction” of speech and music.

A total of 20 x AD-Systems DS-1 speakers in black were discreetly placed in left, right and centre positions behind acoustic fabric in the ceiling of the dome. 2 x slimline Work Pro Neo S8A self-powered subs integrated into the base of the dome, provided similarly unobtrusive low-end reinforcement.

In the pre-event ante-room, Fusion LX installed 4 x Cornered Audio Ci5 compact two-way full-range speakers. The triangular cornered design of these high-quality units, again ensured minimal visual impact, whilst delivering optimal coverage. The systems were driven by 4x MC2 T4-250 high-performance amplifiers, with DSP via a Biamp TesiraForte AVB AI server, programmed with assistance from Polar.

Bromfield said: “At Polar Integrated Solutions, we’re very much about ‘concept to completion’ – making sure that our customers and their clients receive the best support and advice at every stage. This was a good example of meeting a tricky technical challenge with the right design advice and product selection to achieve excellent intelligibility throughout.”

Ian Carling, director at Fusion LX, added: “The acoustics in the Ultimate Lap dome were challenging, with the selection of speaker positions and sizes requiring careful planning. Polar assisted in all aspects of the job, from design and product selection to a site visit and demonstration. They were a great help and Fusion wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”