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Distec Partners with US Computing Giant Tangent

New partnership adds a host of new products to Distec’s portfolio of medical-grade solutions

Healthcare technology solutions provider, Distec, has partnered with leading US-based medical and industrial computing specialist, Tangent, to expand and complement its existing portfolio of medical-grade solutions.

Based in San Francisco, California, Tangent is a leading manufacturer of medical and industrial computers and tablets. Through its agreement with Distec, Tangent is aiming to further grow its presence within the European marketplace.

Tangent specifically engineers computers for industries that are not served by traditional PC manufacturers, and their products include medical grade and industrial grade all-in-one computers and tablets, as well as rugged minicomputers. Their competitive pricing structure makes them an affordable option for both private and NHS healthcare providers.

“Technology within the healthcare industry is constantly changing,” explained Dean Challinor, general manager of Distec. “By agreeing to this new partnership with Tangent, we have the opportunity to offer medical professionals cutting-edge technology solutions that can help transform how they treat and care for patients. It is an exciting step for our business and I look forward to working closely with the team at Tangent.”

Missy Ostendorf, VP of healthcare sales for Tangent, said: “Tangent, as the medical grade computer visionary and world leader in industrial computing solutions, is always excited to expand our portfolio of valued partners. By collaborating with Distec we have an opportunity to not only grow our brand and presence within Europe, but also transform how the healthcare and industrial sectors leverage technology within their workflows. This is a significant move for us, and I believe this partnership will help both of our organisations deliver more for the UK.”