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Sennheiser Group introduces new exec management board

Family-owned company starts 2023 with a new management team

Following the realignment of the company with a focus on the professional audio business, the Sennheiser Group has entered 2023 with a newly formed management team. The audio specialist’s new executive management board (EMB) includes representatives from its pro audio, business communication and Neumann divisions, as well as supply chain, corporate functions and development. Together with co-CEOs Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, the board members will implement the strategic goals of the Sennheiser Group.

The operational business of the Sennheiser Group will now be managed by a team of six members of the EMB: Greg Beebe (executive VP professional audio), Ron Holtdijk (executive VP business communication), Ralf Oehl (CEO Georg Neumann GmbH), Steffen Heise (CFO), Dr Andreas Fischer (COO) and Markus Redelstab (CTO). Peter Claussen and Thomas Weinzierl, who were previously COOs responsible for professional business and supply chain, will also remain on the EMB before their respective retirements in the course of the years 2023 and 2024. Yasmine Riechers and Mareike Oer complete the leadership of the Sennheiser Group as an extended management team, representing the corporate development office and brand & corporate communication.

“With the integration of the business units into the EMB, our customers are moving even more into focus,” explained co-CEO Andreas Sennheiser. “In the future, their very different needs will be represented at the highest management level and included in all decisions, enabling us to act even closer to the market.”

Co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser added: “With this step, we are adapting our management structure to our new corporate positioning with a focus on the professional business. At the same time, we are further developing our leadership culture – in line with our corporate culture.”

As part of its focus on professional audio business, Sennheiser had announced investments in this area in line with its new corporate strategy, which are now being implemented on a step by step basis. For example, a new PCB assembly line went into operation at the main site in Wedemark near Hanover at the end of 2022. Further investments in development and in the production site in Romania are planned.