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PK Sound adds BCS to growing European partner network

BCS’s initial investment in PK Sound's robotic arrays includes 16 T8 robotic line source elements, along with eight T18 intelligent subwoofers and a PK Cell modular touring rack

PK Sound, the robotic line array company, has added Belgium-based production provider Bas Concert Systems (BCS) to its growing European partner network following the company’s investment in a T8 robotic line source system. A longtime PK Sound collaborator, BCS co-founder Bas Zwerts experienced the T8 system at its first-ever public demonstration in Barcelona, Spain, and immediately placed an order through PK’s Central European distributor, FACE Pro.

BCS’s initial investment includes 16 T8 robotic line source elements, featuring PK Sound’s patented multi-axis robotics, along with eight T18 intelligent subwoofers and a PK Cell modular touring rack, which combines power, signal, and data distribution in a globally standardised package.

BCS co-founders Matthias De Sadeleer and Bas Zwerts with the PK Sound T8 robotic line source system

Zwerts has supported several high-profile deployments of PK Sound’s flagship Trinity Black and T10 robotic line source systems in major venues throughout Central Europe in tandem with and FACE Pro.

Zwerts said: “BCS takes pride in providing the best possible solutions to our customers. There are a lot of great loudspeakers on the market, but PK Sound’s T8 system is more than a great loudspeaker; it’s a sophisticated tool that allows us to optimise acoustic coverage using integrated robotics and shape sound to any environment our work may take us.”

He added: “T8 offers incredible output for its size, making it a great solution for anything from theatrical productions to outdoor festivals – all with significant headroom to give the music space to work.”

BCS co-founder Matthias De Sadeleer commented: “While I primarily lead the commercial side of BCS, I’ve been on enough deployments to know how valuable PK Sound’ multi-axis robotics can be to overcoming the acoustic limitations of a given space and optimising the clarity and impact of the audio.”

He continued: “Being able to adjust the system’s vertical and horizontal coverage remotely and in real-time – even after arrays are flown – is a huge advantage and keeps us at the leading edge of live production technologies.”

Based in Opwijk, Belgium, BCS is a professional audiovisual company specialising in premium audio, lighting, and video solutions for live events. Zwerts is also an in-demand audio professional, serving as lead engineer for top Belgian performers, including Stan Van Samang, Dries en de Belgen, and others.