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LEA Professional rolls out new firmware for Connect Series amplifiers

Developer and manufacturer of Connect Series pro audio amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies extends system functionality with two new open API protocols and firmware.

LEA Professional has announced new firmware for its Connect Series amplifiers, including two new open API protocols. 

The two new open API protocols have been launched in the new firmware version 2.0. The first utilises WebSockets and the second is TCP-based. All control and sensor elements in the amplifier WebUI can now be connected to in both APIs. This includes all DSP parameters, level meters, clip and fault indicators, power supply information and many other items. 

“The WebSocket API is geared more toward software and web programmers who are looking to integrate the Connect Series amplifiers with custom developed software,” said Bradley Drummond, director of application engineering and consultant relations at LEA. “The TCP protocol is aimed at more common integrations with third-party professional AV equipment. With these two new open protocols, we can help developers and integrators create powerful and unique experiences for their AV systems.” 

In both protocols, elements of the amplifier can be controlled, and current values can be sent back from the amplifier. These two protocols allow customers to integrate the Connect Series amplifiers with third  party equipment to create an almost limitless, custom AV solution.

“The Pro AV market wants to choose the best in class products for each system and also want that system to be able to be controlled and monitored autonomously,” said Blake Augsburger, founder and CEO of LEA Professional. “With our newly released Open API platforms, the LEA Connect Series can now integrate into almost any AV system via TCP or Websocket commands and it’s exciting to be able to give integrators this powerful option for their projects.”