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Grade A-listed Belfast church upgrades with Martin Audio

St Mark’s church in Belfast recently installed a Martin Audio O-Line system

Belfast’s Grade A-listed St Mark’s church recently upgraded its sound system with Martin Audio’s O-Line micro line array.

Martin Audio partner, Rea Sound (under the project management of Roger McMullan), installed the company’s discreet O-Line software-optimised micro line array, which is purpose designed for houses of worship.

Rea Sound had introduced O-Line to the Irish house of worship market as soon as it was introduced back in 2007. “Nine out of 10 people don’t believe it will deliver such clarity of voice reproduction until we demonstrate it,” McMullan said.

In this instance the church was seeking a system that would provide jclarity from front to back of the long rectangular space without having visible loudspeakers obstructing the architecture.

The Grade A-listed Church of Ireland establishment had first approached Rea Sound back in 2018 after responding to an advertisement in a church magazine. “The previous PA was an old 100V line system and people in the centre and rear of the church couldn’t hear,” said the Rea Sound project manager. “They had spoken to other sound companies, who had wanted to put speakers on pillars, which they didn’t approve of.”

Having noted the 28m distance from front to back of the church (along with the Heritage restrictions placed on them), Rea Sound divided the building into five sound zones (including three O-Line zones). The solution was to have two hangs of eight O-Line elements left and right and two hangs of 12 in the centre to provide even coverage along the length of the rectangle, with a 6m trim height.

In addition, two Martin Audio CDD5s provides choir stall coverage behind the pulpit, via an Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixer. A third CDD5 takes the feed into the newly built creche.

“We have delivered exactly what was requested, including a digital wireless system,” McMullan commented. “In fact they can now hire it out so that bands can play through O-Line as a full range system without the need for additional subwoofers.”

Dr. Sarah Bass, from the Vestry committee, added: “We are very pleased with the end result and the delivered audio package from Rea Sound.  The audio quality in every seat is exactly what we wanted.”