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Genelec celebrates 15th anniversary of GLM with 4.1 update

The company is marking the 15th anniversary of its GLM loudspeaker manager software with the introduction of GLM 4.1, which is compatible with all Genelec smart active monitors and subwoofers

Genelec has marked the 15th anniversary of its GLM loudspeaker manager software by introducing the GLM 4.1 update, which is compatible with all Genelec smart active monitors and subwoofers. The update features the debut of the AutoCal 2 automatic room calibration algorithm, which delivers a more precise frequency response “in a fraction of the time than was previously possible”.

The company said that the GLM 4.1 draws on data from thousands of real world room calibrations to give the user control over a room’s detrimental acoustic influences, producing mixes that translate even more consistently to other rooms and playback systems.

The new AutoCal 2 feature takes advantage of detailed background information of each monitor in a system, producing a quicker and more accurate discrimination between direct and reflected sound. The fast calibration speed is further enhanced by a new 64 bit architecture and fresh, lean code. Other new  include an increased number of EQ filters offering more flexibility, weighting refinements, a Solo-X mode for faster soloing of monitors when working with immersive content, and ten user languages.

“The AutoCal calibration algorithm has always been the backbone of GLM,” said Genelec managing director Siamäk Naghian. “So I can think of no better way of celebrating GLM’s 15th anniversary than with the launch of AutoCal 2 as part of the new GLM 4.1 release. In those 15 years we have gradually seen intelligent loudspeaker calibration become universally recognised as the most reliable path to creating a true sonic reference, and we are proud to keep leading the way.”