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Exclusive: d&b CEO on moving forward, together

Amnon Harman on the growing importance of a sales partner network

A common thread in the pro audio industry over the last few years has been collaboration. The industry came together to support, show solidarity and lift each other up in ways not previously seen. It was these shared experiences that reinforced what we always knew to be true – for businesses to succeed in this dynamic industry, we all must identify, engage and sustain long-term partner networks. These relationships help fulfil the immediate needs of our individual business models and strengthen the entire industry for years to come.

Now more than ever, leveraging a sales partner network is paramount for companies to support their businesses through the ever-changing landscape of our economic, political and business challenges. Partner networks are vital to scaling service offerings and strengthening value propositions across markets. These partner networks were especially critical over the last couple of years when travelling to these markets was difficult.

For sales partners to succeed, its paramount that they receive the necessary resources and investment they need, and companies must work to simplify how they interact with existing and potential customers, whether this is through e-commerce websites or CRM platforms. 

As an industry we are stronger when we work together, which is why we must make it a priority to work with our industry counterparts to ensure the success of the entire industry, rather than just the success of one player.

Avnu Alliance is just one example of an industry alliance that leverages the power of industry minds to enable an ecosystem for interoperable, secure, low-latency and highly reliable networked devices.

This level of synergy within the industry intensified during the height of the pandemic when the entire industry came together to spearhead initiatives such as WeMakeEvents and RedAlertRestart. These campaigns helped us confront shared roadblocks and challenges with government policy and to implement real change – change that will impact the future for us all. Together, we understood that when we all lend our voices, we can be heard by those who otherwise might never have listened. 

Most recently, we have been coming together with industry partners to tackle the ongoing issue of counterfeit products in our industry. We all recognise that counterfeit products compromise our promise to deliver exceptional sound, and that if we come together and share information, ideas and standards, we can educate the market and make it a better place for everyone to do business. 

As lines between different technologies continue to blur, industry players are looking for flexibility and interoperability, rather than being restricted within a single brand’s ecosystem. It is important for leaders in the industry to take steps to strengthen relationships with technology partners for the benefit of those we wish to serve, the FoH engineers, creatives, system designers… the list goes on. 

The result is cross collaboration within the industry, and the open sharing of ideas, passions and knowledge. These partnerships power extraordinary experiences for our users and bring our technology to a new level, often surprising each of us with what can be achieved. A company – and an industry – is greater than the sum of its parts, and by working with partners and supporting each other, we are advancing what is possible, together.