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CODA Audio opens SPACE HUB “immersive audio” facilities

New demo rooms communicate the technology and philosophy of SPACE HUB immersive processor

Following the launch of its SPACE HUB immersive processor at the recent Tonmeistertagung exhibition in Düsseldorf, CODA Audio has announced the creation of new dedicated ‘Immersive Audio’ facilities at the company’s headquarters in Hannover. The new demo rooms, the ‘Auditorium’ and the ‘White Room’, which will allow CODA to communicate the technology and philosophy of SPACE HUB, are designed to allow visitors a hands-on experience of the technology. The new spaces complement CODA’s existing ‘Showroom’, which is used for the demonstration of conventional systems.

With its advanced spatial audio algorithms for positioning and moving sound objects, SPACE HUB – the central element of CODA’s Immersive System Solution – can render up to 128 audio sources to 128 outputs, enabling users to deliver the ultimate immersive 3D listening experience for a wide range of applications.

“We’re excited about the development of the new facilities,” commented CODA Audio managing director Svetly Alexandrov. “The demos which took place at the exhibition were well-attended and the reaction was very enthusiastic, with a general feeling amongst those in attendance that our approach to immersive sound was setting a new standard. The creation of our new facilities will allow audio professionals to bring their own content for testing, and gain a comprehensive insight into the workflow and the way object-based mixing works in 3D.”

The rooms are equipped with 3D setups comprising CODA Audio HOPS8 loudspeakers on several levels, SCV-F sensor controlled subwoofers and the pivotal SPACE HUB immersive processor. A second SPACE HUB serves as a backup unit to demonstrate redundant system configuration. In addition to content feeds from various DAW programmes, the native SPACE HUB control software, a mixing console with SPACE HUB remote control interface, and an iPad with touch-surface-optimised OSC control, are available. A tracking system will follow shortly.

“Our motto is ‘Hearing is Believing’, and we’re certain that anyone who visits our Immersive Audio facilities will know exactly what we mean when they hear what we have to offer,” added Svetly. “As well as an incomparable listening experience, we aim to educate and inform our visitors about every aspect of the technology at work, and make clear the possibilities it can open up in so many applications.”

Those interested in booking an appointment to experience CODA’s full range of immersive audio possibilities can register by emailing [email protected] with their contact details.