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Audac solution adds background audio for insurance broker

Multi-zoned BGM system allows the Johannesburg based firm total flexibility  

System integration specialists Livingstone Productions has provided a sophisticated end-to-end Audac background music (BGM) system for IntegriSure, one of South Africa’s largest motor and home insurance brokers and its subsidiary company VIA Soft, which specialises in extended IT and administrative systems for financial service.

Based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, the IntegriSure Group required a reliable and stripped back audio system that would seamlessly blend with their modern corporate environment. As the exclusive distributor of Audac in South Africa, Stage Audio Works (SAW) oversaw the design of the project, the supply of the equipment, and the commissioning of the system before handing back over to Livingstone Productions, who carried out the integration, delivering a solution that places the end-user experience at the heart of the operation, and will maintain it going forward.

At the centre of this install, Livingstone Productions integrated an Audac M2 8×8 Matrix Mixer, a multi-media audio distribution system, which boasts eleven powerful DSP processors. It can handle a diverse array of input signals, making it a perfect choice for this project, where the client required seven separate zones for their workspace. A total of 23 powerful flush-mount Audac CALI660 ceiling loudspeakers deliver audio playback throughout IntegriSure’s headquarters with minimum visual impact. A further two surface mounted ATEO6s were utilised where greater horizontal dispersion was needed – recommended by SAW for their ease of installation. This entire system is brought together by two Audac PMQ480 Quad Channel 100V amplifiers, which supply more than enough power.

The dashboard for control was setup in conjunction with IntegriSure’s IT department. Volume was adjusted to an optimal level, taking the acoustics of each individual area into consideration. Although there is flexibility to alter these settings, SAW recommended that minimal changes be made as the system was designed expressly for BGM.

Livingstone Production’s implementation of the Internet Radio SourceCon Streaming Card allows the client to easily integrate and control what is played across the zones via Soundtrack Your Brand. When combined with Audac’s patented Audac Touch 2 software, built specifically with the user experience in mind, the result is an extremely accessible and familiar interface, all contained within a phone app. This software provides IntegriSure with total system control at their fingertips and the ability to create and customise application specific dashboards at their discretion.

“We often recommend Audac products to our clients due to their solid reliability and competitive pricing,” explained Nathan Ihlenfeldt, CTO of SAW. “However, the versatility of an Audac system should not be understated. Elements can easily be implemented post-integration, which futureproofs the investment, making it even more attractive. With Audac, adding new loudspeakers and zones to an existing solution is simple, allowing for the system to grow as the company grows.”

Bruce Nortjé, manager of media & communication for the IntegriSure Group added: “We were quick to realise the Audac audio system can be a vehicle to achieve so much more than just providing background music to our employees. Some of the ideas we are investigating implementing are playing audio files in between the music to serve as a reminder of our value proposition to the motor and home insurance market and our marketing messages. Other fun ideas we are looking at implementing are birthday messages and a ‘Friday Dedication Hour’. Employee communication is crucial for any organisation to achieve its goals, and we believe the Audac audio system will increase awareness and engagement amongst our most valuable asset: our people.”

Finally, Hermanus van der Linde, CEO of the IntegriSure Group summarised the project: “Livingstone Productions carried out an extremely efficient integration of the BGM system, with minimal disturbances to our business operations. We’re extremely happy with the outcome! With the return of all of our employees to the office after the third wave of Covid-19 infections, we identified the need to create positive energy in our already technology-enhanced workspace; the new Audac audio system has done just that, elevating our office to the next level by improving the work experience for employees. After months of isolation and working from home, the Audac audio system has proven to be a valuable tool – increasing productivity while sustaining employee satisfaction.”