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Andrew Bellavia added to Futuresource’s Audio Collaborative line-up

Director of market development, Knowles Electronics, joins free-to-attend event

Andrew Bellavia, director of market development, Knowles Electronics, has been added to the panel line-up for Futuresource Consulting’s eighth Audio Collaborative 2021 free virtual event. Bellavia’s insight into the future of audio will be an essential component of the two day conference.

Renowned for addressing the latest hot topics across the audio sector, Audio Collaborative 2021 will be no different, with two days packed full of data-rich presentations and panel sessions. Joined by industry thought leaders and innovators, Audio Collaborative 2021 will explore the evolution of audio, embracing the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.

Themes include:

Stepping up – the Journey to Better Quality Audio
The advent of streaming and wireless devices in recent years has seen many consumers compromise on audio quality in favour of convenience. But the last 12 months have seen major strides forwards towards the adoption of higher quality audio streaming, with hi-res and spatial audio coming of age and reaching the mass market consumer. But what is the reality of usage and adoption? What is the opportunity for device manufacturers? Will the bar for quality be raised for the mass market and are there any additional monetisation opportunities? This panel of esteemed industry experts will dissect all the latest moves and discuss what it all means for the wider audio industry.

What Next in Headphones and Hearables Mega Convergence?
As two booming markets combine and regulations ease, a new era of convergence has emerged and with it, huge opportunities. A panel of esteemed peers from leading players in the sector will discuss the size of the prize, expectations of further consolidation, who the target consumers are and what features we will see develop to help drive adoption of these converged devices to the next level.

The Return to Work – Enterprise Audio Evolved
The past 16 months has seen record growth for business communication technologies. Personal devices for the home office have shown keen adoption, whilst the lines between consumer and enterprise audio have become increasingly blurred. Business communication has fundamentally evolved, but what opportunities lay ahead for audio vendors following the return to work? High-quality audio will be key, but what applications and use-cases will drive demand longer-term? A panel of experts from across audio and unified communications industries will discuss the future of audio in business communication.

Live Streaming – Post-Pandemic Opportunities in the Wider Audio Ecosystem
Few sectors were hit harder during the pandemic than live music, but from this despair, live streaming has proliferated, enabling artists to engage with fans in a way many have not done previously. But is this a pandemic driven fad and how will it co-exist when normality returns on the touring circuit? Which services are well positioned to benefit from a hybrid approach? And what are the hardware opportunities in this new paradigm, either from a creator angle or a listening point of view? Experts from across the live music and streaming ecosystem will discuss what comes next.

The Return of Live Events and the Future of Live Sound Technology
The live events industry has experienced an extremely challenging time since the beginning of the pandemic; however, the next few years could see it faced with unprecedented levels of demand as attendees return to the physical event experience. Events come in all shapes and sizes, and so does the audio that powers them. How will these different events recover over the coming years and what will be the opportunities for the industry emerging from the pandemic? Many challenges remain, but how will suppliers focus on innovation to provide value during the new era of in-person events? Hearing a range of perspectives from across the market, this panel aims to unravel the complex path towards future growth in live events and the live sound industry.

Across the Metaverse – is this the Biggest Deal since the Internet and What does it Mean for the Audio Industry?
The emergence of virtual work practices, live streaming, esports, 5G and XR has seen the metaverse propelled as the next big thing. The convergence of multimedia worlds across music, video and gaming gives rise to endless potential and with it major opportunities for the audio industry. The metaverse is set to help drive immersive audio, AI Music, in-game concerts along with new audio rights monetisation opportunities. This session will explain the opportunities for the metaverse in the audio industry and beyond!

From Amateurs to Professionals – The Future Growth of Content Creation at Home
The consumption and production of user-generated content has reached new heights, with specialist hardware and software products experiencing phenomenal growth in 2020. Millions of end-users began their journey into content creation over the last two years, with gamers, social media influencers, podcasters, video users and music creators providing significant opportunity. High levels of demand still remain, but how will the opportunity continue to expand beyond the pandemic? How can targeted products unlock the new generation of content creators? And will content creation become a mass-market opportunity? This session will be an open discussion between key industry innovators, shedding light on the growth of content creation at home.

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