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Attero Tech debuts Dante audio interface

The Dante unD4I-L four-input interface, a compact device for adding mic and line inputs to a Dante system, is being debuted at ISE 2015.

Attero Tech says the small form factor of the unD4I units allows them to be mounted almost anywhere, putting them close to audio sources and minimising interference-prone analogue wiring. In addition, logic inputs and logic outputs easily interface to mic switches and LED indicators.

The unD4I features four balanced mic/line inputs, each with software selectable 48V phantom power and eight gain levels. Front panel indicators show gain and phantom power status on each channel for easy troubleshooting.

The unD4I-L has two network connections to allow Dante Daisy Chaining (DDC). DDC simplifies system infrastructure wiring by allowing multiple unD4I-Ls to use a single Cat5 home run connection to a network switch. Power can also be daisy chained, allowing fewer power supplies to run multiple devices.

Four logic inputs on the unit can sense both dry contact closures and switches, as well as continuous devices such as potentiometers. Contact state or pot values can then be reported to external control systems over the network connection to initiate system actions. In a similar fashion, the four logic outputs can drive LED indicators, with on/off states controlled over the network by an external control system.

The unD4I-L is powered by either external 24V DC or any PoE network switch, so audio, power and control are delivered on one Cat5 cable. All adjustable parameters, such as mic/line gain and phantom power, are software controlled.

Stand 7-P170