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Arrive and Global Caché form alliance for Cloud-based control

Arrive Systems has formed a strategic alliance with Global Caché to provide 'end-to-end' Cloud-based automation.

Arrive Systems has formed a strategic alliance with Global Caché to provide ‘end-to-end’ Cloud-based automation. Arrive’s Edgeless Media Server and Appliances provide Cloud-based distributed control and automation over globally connected IP networks, while Global Caché’s products connect devices throughout a building to a WiFi and/or IP network so they can be controlled, automated and maintained by network-based software, and by handheld devices.

The integration of the two companies’ products, according to Arrive systems, will enable control designers “to shed the shackles of traditional hardware-centred room controls systems, complex programming scripting and UI design. They will be able to move into the realm of Cloud-based distributed control while continuing to achieve multi-protocol control execution.”

Arrive EM Server supports sending commands over TCP/IP to Global Caché interfaces via serial ports (such as RS232 or RS485), relays and contract closure as well as IR. Arrive Edgeless Controls will soon support industrial control protocols such as MODBUS, BACNet and LONTALK over IP.

Aseem Gupta, CEO of Arrive Systems, said: “The Internet of Things (called IoT in short) is a growing network of everyday objects – from industrial machines to consumer and professional electronics – that can share information and complete tasks while the user is busy with other activities, like work, sleep or exercise. Arrive’s EMS2.0 CloudPoint platform is an IoT-ready software with automated UI design and multi-protocol-control-communications.”

Using the IoT infrastructure, objects or assets can communicate with each other and even optimise activities between them based on the analysis of data streaming through the network and the computing systems that make use of the data flowing to and from our things.

“Today we are pleased to create this strategic alliance with Global Caché in offering an end-to-end IoT device management solution. Our gold technology development partnerships with companies such as Intel and Microsoft provide us a robust and proven backbone to build our IoT solution stack,” Gupta added.

Robin Ford, VP of business development at Global Caché, said: “We’re excited about the Cloud and IP opportunities that Arrive is bringing to market and about our collaboration with Arrive Systems. This is an important partnership for us in the IoT industry. We’re looking forward to addressing this growing customer base with Arrive and introducing Arrive’s Internet-of-Edgeless-Things solutions to our customers.”

Recently Arrive announced its next-generation simplified, unified solution for collaboration meeting spaces, meeting room devices and software systems — Arrive FacePoint – which it describes as the extreme collaboration solution in the industry.