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Armour Home launches Systemline 7 multi-room audio system

Hi-fi, home theatre and entertainment specialist adds digital multi-room audio system to its custom installation portfolio

Armour Home, the hi-fi, home theatre and entertainment specialist, has added the Systemline 7 digital multi-room audio system to its custom installation portfolio.

The reliable and robust system is easy to fit. Its competitive pricing and unrivalled list of key features is set to make it appeal to a wide range of audiences, including property developers, interior designers, architects and homeowners who loves their music. It can be fitted in a variety of property types and sizes to suit all budgets and benefits from Armour Home’s comprehensive technical support available for installers, developers and homeowners for the lifetime of the product.

S7 consists of three core products, a NetServer, a NetAmp and a NetMusic App. The NetServer is the repository for all stored music, supports the highest quality 24/192 music files and is the portal for all cloud services including BBC iPlayer, Tune-in Radio, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Rapsody, Napster, YouTube, and many more, as well as in-app access to web browsing and Facebook.

The NetAmp is a network connected smart amplifier which deals with all of the amplification and control related to each zone. It also features a smart system for switching between TV sound and multi-room music including a full 5.1 home cinema zone with support of direct control from Sky, Virgin and Humax YouView handsets.

Armour Home claims that the NetMusic App is the fastest, most comprehensive App in the marketplace. Developed by Armour, it has a simple interface with ‘Home’ and ‘Now Playing’ screens etc. It seamlessly discovers the server and populates zones as well as discovering all online options making it simple for set up and ongoing operation.

S7 uses an open access internet protocol gateway which encourages connectivity and allows two-way communications with third-party control. Unlike mass market closed systems, this means that S7 will easily interface with other home automation systems and building management systems to enable an installer to create a whole house solution that works seamlessly for the user.

S7 provides high-quality audio in up to 24 separate, independent zones, offering fully-integrated access to the widest range of network music services. The system is controlled by a slimfit touch panel using either an iPod Touch or a mini iPad and also has a KPS11 hard button keypad.

“Systemline 7 the most exciting custom install product to launch for years and one that the industry has been waiting for a long time,” says Bob Abraham, Systemline product director. “It does not just match common mass-market systems – it far exceeds them in terms of its power, speed, functionality, features and control options. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, S7 sets a new standard for installed music and movie entertainment and is nothing less than a game changer for our industry.”