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Arizona State University selects Danley Sound Labs synergy horn technology

A new Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system, comprising the SH-60 models which are 60º versions of the company's SH-50 Synergy horn series, has been installed as a part of an upgrade at the university's Wells Fargo Arena.

The Wells Fargo Arena is home to Arizona State University’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and wrestling teams. As part of a recent upgrade to the sound reinforcement system at the venue, Danley Sound Labs full-range loudspeakers and subwoofers have been installed.

At six stories high and with over 10,000 seats, the venue is also used to host concerts, graduation ceremonies and other events.

Pheonix-based integrator Audio Video Resources (AVR) – which had previously worked with the Arizona State University of a number of projects – was enlisted to design and install the new system. “From conception to commissioning, this job spanned a mere three weeks,” states Ron Klaus, design engineer with AVR.

The new system comprises a primary ring, together with a delay ring, for the upper tier. Twelve two-box hangs form the primary ring. On each, a Danley SH-69 delivers 60- by 90º coverage for the closest seats, whereas a narrower Danley SH-60 delivers 60- by 60º coverage for the mid-level seats.

A further 12 Danley SH-100s form the delay ring that covers the “nose bleed” section. Elswhere, four Danley TH-118 subwoofers, one in each corner are situated above a two-box hang, supplement the main boxes with generous low end. “The Danley engineers took the wire frame of the arena and optimised loudspeaker choice and placement in EASE,” explains Klaus. “The experts at Clearwing Productions turned those plans into reality, a process that was expedited by their familiarity with the rigging at the Wells Fargo Arena. Clearwing Productions is frequently contracted to do the staging for events at the Wells Fargo Arena.”

Everyone involved in the project, including Lucas and engineers from Danley Sound Labs, was present for the system commissioning. “The guys from Danley were very thorough,” says Klaus. “For example, they went into the processor and custom tuned the attack, release, and thresholds on the limiter for each box. It was well done.” Only two days after the booms were removed, the school was already sanding the floor to paint on new stripes for the rapidly approaching fall season.

The Wells Fargo Arena marks the second-largest Danley installation in the Grand Canyon State; further south, the University of Arizona’s football stadium employs four of Danley’s massive Jericho Horns to efficiently and effectively cover 52,000 seats.

Mike Hedden, Danley Sound Labs’ president, finishes: “Using the current design trend, many design engineers would have chosen the line array approach. In comparison, the Danley Synergy Horn/Tapped Horn subwoofer solutions yield vastly better pattern control and frequency response in a fraction of the cabinets for substantially less money. Plus, from the time Danley Sound Labs received the order to the product being on the job sight was less than three weeks. Cutting edge technologies, delivered in extremely short time frames, at a very competitive price, these are some of the reasons Danley is enjoying such incredible growth.”