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Analysis: widespread changes predicted in edtech usage

The results from a recent education technology survey, conducted by Polycom, have predicted changes in the deployment and usage of technology in and out of the classroom up to 2025.

On the subject of laptop use in a classroom environment, education professionals believe this will decline dramatically by 2025. Two thirds of participants think laptops are how students currently engage with content, but only 29% think this will be the case by 2025. Over half (53%) of education professionals believe real-time video collaboration and mobile devices will be the primary ways students engage with content by 2025.

“If students can do the basic, information-heavy lessons from home through online courses, that frees up face-to-face classroom time for practical and interactive learning,” said Andrew Graley, Polycom’s director of healthcare, education and government for EMEA.

The survey findings also revealed, 72% of education professionals believe teachers are performing the leading role in education today, but only 40% think this will still be the case in 2025. And 36% of EMEA respondents feel funding is the biggest inhibitor to a more positive future for education.