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Analysis: B2B boost for 1080p projectors

In its latest report, Futuresource Consulting has revealed the contradictory sales data coming from the worldwide projector market. Despite the overall market being in a state of slight decline over the last two years, B2B 1080p projector sales have increased significantly during the same period. This has been attributed primarily to businesses becoming more familiar with the resolution rather than as a direct result of lower prices.

The latest report from Futuresource Consulting into the worldwide projector market reveals that mainstream B2B 1080p sales have increased over the last two years despite the overall market retracting.

In 2014 sales grew by 123% and growth has continued into 2015 with figures from Q3 stating B2B 1080p sales increased by 22% against a backdrop of 7% regression in the market as a whole.

Reductions to chipset costs targeting 1080p projector SKUs has seen a surge of 1080p models in the low-end of the corporate market. The report also found that although the cost of B2B 1080p projectors decreased by 33% in 2014, the rise in adoption was not primarily motivated by lower prices, unlike in previous years. This conclusion is drawn through qualitative and quantitative research from over 150 EU resellers from the last couple of years.

Futuresource predominantly attributes the recent upturn in sales to increased availability of 1080p content in the meeting room, and familiarity with the resolution. “The issue of familiarity is key as it highlights that the rise of 1080p is not just a story of resolution dynamics, but is also one of channel dynamics,” commented Claire Kerrison, market analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “The main point about familiarity is that a typical end user knows what is meant by 1080p or full HD, they’ve been taught it by the TV industry over the last decade. However, few know what is meant by XGA or WXGA.”

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