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Analog Way unveils multi-format 4K converters

Analog Way has launched the VIO 4K, a new generation of premium multi-format converters, designed for the live event industry.

Analog Way has launched the VIO 4K, a new generation of premium multi-format converters, designed primarily for the live event industry. The VIO 4K follows the Tetra-VIO all-in-one solution and offers digital connectivity, adapted to the highest resolution formats.

It is natively equipped with seven inputs and enables the conversion of a variety of signals including dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, 6G-SDI Optical, and universal analog, into 4K 30Hz or 60Hz with optional upgrade card.

The input and output plug symmetry ensures high-end cross-conversion and for a better audio experience, VIO 4K offers advanced management of digital and analogue audio signals.

VIO 4K includes two slots for optional I/O cards for video processing that can handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, and another slot for optional audio card with XLR plugs. With all options, VIO 4K features nine inputs and three outputs.

It is also adapted for non-standard signal management, such as LED walls. The Dual/Tri output mode enables association of a single source to three outputs with independently modifiable formats, aspect ratios, Area Of Interest (AOI), etc. The rotation feature allows output rotation for portrait vs. landscape displays at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° per output. The advanced management of the AOI as well as unlimited layer resizing capabilities allows sizing of a source to fit odd resolution displays.

VIO 4K can be controlled easily directly from the front panel with a large 3.5in TFT colour screen offering live visualisation of sources. A Web Server is also available to control VIO 4K through Ethernet and USB plugs. Using either the front panel or the software, operators can visualise source content to further assist in basic operations.