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AMX shipping Novara 3000 control pad

Said to be ideal for conference rooms and classrooms, the control pad can be used as a stand-alone user interface and an on-board controller that can be easily configured to operate lights, AV kit and HVAC systems

Delivering streamlined control of a wide variety of audiovisual devices including projectors, DVD players and switchers, the Novara 3000 fits into a standard EU or UK back box and is available in various configurations of IR, RS-232, relay and I/O ports and six, eight and 17-buttons.

It can be installed as part of a facility-wide control solution, complete with network-based remote management, when used in conjunction with AMX’s Resource Management Suite (RMS) software. It can also be combined with an Enova AVX-400-SP for rooms with switching and amplification requirements.

“The Novara 3000 Series is one of the most versatile product lines on the market for commercial control,” said AMX chief technology officer Robert Noble. “Its inherent flexibility means that it is just as applicable for smaller, cost-effective installations as it is as part of large, multi-level control solutions.”