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AMX app gives lessons in classroom technology

AMX designs app to help you explain to your customers the many advantages of technologically-enabled learning spaces.

AMX has introduced an app to help those designing and implementing automation solutions within the education space to explain to customers the many advantages of technologically-enabled learning spaces. The app is available to download, free of charge, from the Apple iTunes store.

The interactive iPad application enables you to take your clients on a technological tour of a virtual facility, filled with the very latest in education-enriching systems. As they navigate their way around this state-of-the-art environment, they’ll discover how AMX systems can control, automate, monitor and manage resources like never before; allowing for the seamless integration of technology into the lesson plan.

Your clients will discover how classrooms, lecture theatres, collaborative learning and innovation spaces can be technologically-simplified with AMX’s range of integrated solutions. They’ll find out how AMX adds value to the learning environment by giving teachers a simple touchscreen interface to control the audio-visual and presentation equipment at their disposal. Replacing the multitude of individual remotes, this single management interface allows teachers to easily access and use the integrated systems, whilst giving them the ability to operate their own in-classroom devices such as projectors, projection screens, visualisers and audio-visual equipment, as well as a variety of other components, all at the touch of a button. Teachers can have access to all system functions, or just what they need, and the control screen in each classroom can be configured to look exactly the same so that teachers are left with well-understood, consistent controls, irrespective of the room they are in or the equipment being used.

They’ll discover how these innovative systems can also integrate seamlessly with other building-wide functions such as lighting, blinds and air-conditioning, so that teachers can have fingertip control of their entire teaching environment. And they’ll find out how, when used in association with other technologies such as the Vision 2 IPTV video delivery system and the Inspired Signage digital signage solution, AMX technology can allow you to build them a complete communications infrastructure, around a fully integrated product.

Finally, they’ll learn how AMX can afford over-arching control over an entire education facility and its installed systems, all from one location. Whether for a single classroom or multi-site campus; this innovative solution networks multimedia equipment into one time-efficient, cost-cutting solution. Allowing resources to be managed like never before, this comprehensive solution will allow staff to monitor and maintain classrooms, lecture theatres and their associated electronic devices, across an entire facility. Real-time monitoring and problem notifications allow technological resources to be maintained proactively, with automatic and routine checks being made to the system’s status. And, using its full reporting capabilities, users can access instant, web-based analysis on a range of subjects; giving an unrivalled understanding of equipment, resource and energy usage, for optimum operating efficiency.