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Alcons Audio to unveil LR18 line-array at Prolight + Sound

Alcons Audio will officially launch the LR18 pro-ribbon line array at Prolight + Sound 2016, and has scheduled off-site demos during the show on 6 and 7 April.

This three-way ‘compact mid-size’ format line-source sound system combines high sound quality with high SPL and throw. Alcons claims the speaker achieves up to 90% less distortion through the implementation of pro-ribbon technology. Therefore the LR18 offers an intuitive linear response with high intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at any SPL.

The cylindrical wavefront of the RBN702rs 7in pro-ribbon transducer and the acoustically and electronically symmetrical component configuration bring pattern control in both the vertical as well as the horizontal plane, without any distortion-inducing horn constructions.

The pro-ribbon’s power handling of 1,500W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, caters for high intelligibility and throw with maximum dynamic headroom reserve.

The LR18 is driven by two channels of the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, optimising the system’s response by LR18-specific drive processing and feedback for each array configuration.

Philip de Haan, head of R&D at Alcons Audio commented: “With the development of the LR18, we followed the design footsteps and system approach of the LR28, Alcons’ large format line-array and the LR18’s larger brother. We paid specific attention to the projection of the LR18; In the vertical (coupling) plane, the side-lobe free projection creates a perfect wavefront for an unprecedented throw; In the horizontal plane, the category-leading 90-degree horizontal dispersion is completely maintained from 20kHz down to 360Hz for a seamless coverage.”

Tom Back, MD of Alcons Audio added: “This is one of the most important product releases for Alcons Audio to date. Not only for the market volume in both the install and rental market, but also to complete the LR28 large-format touring system package.

“When we started development of the LR18, we knew we had to pull out all stops to make this a benchmark system. Not only in the projection control, but also in the 1:1 sound reproduction in any type of application, from classical up to rock ‘n roll.”

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