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Alcons announces LR24 pro-ribbon line array

Designed for largest sound reinforcement applications

Dutch audio company Alcons has launched the LR24 pro-ribbon line array.

The LR24 is a 3-way, “larger-format” line-source sound system, to be used as a vertical array, either in stacked- or flown configuration, for even the largest sound reinforcement applications.

The LR24 is said to combine hifi-grade sound quality with very high SPL capabilities. Featuring Alcons’ proprietary pro-ribbon technology for mid- and high frequencies, the LR24 is claimed to offer very fast impulse response with full-dynamics, and up to 90% less distortion under lowest power-compression. The all-natural (Isophasic) cylindrical wavefront of the pro-ribbon HF transducer enables a precise pattern control, according to Alcons, without any distortion-inducing horn constructions.

“Until now, this extraordinary high level of precision in sound quality was not obtainable in sound reinforcement, especially not at these sound pressure levels,” said Philip “Dr. Phil” de Haan, head of Alcons R&D. “With the new RBN02 pro-ribbon transducer platform, the HF output capabilities lie above that of the largest line-array system.”

“The design objective was to create a system with an absolutely neutral, 1:1 non-colouring and predictable linear response behaviour at any sound pressure level, with the highest projection accuracy. Thanks to our 25+ years’ experience in pro-ribbon transducer technology, DSP electronics and acoustics we were able to realise our goal: what you mix is what you get.”

The HF section features the RBN1402rsr pro-ribbon driver with 14-inch voice coil. The combination of the high sensitivity together with what Alcons says is the unusually high HF peak power handling of 3000W caters for a unique intelligibility and throw with ample dynamic headroom reserve under any conditions. The purpose-designed Alcons RBN1402rsr driver features four patents.

The MF-section features four high-efficiency Neodymium 6.5-inch midrange transducers in a symmetrical loaded configuration; it is made of aluminium and forms an integral part with the HF section, for optimised heat management, maintaining high-output over a longer period of time.

The LF section consist of two long-excursion, reflex-loaded 12” woofers with carbon-reinforced cones. The Neodymium motor structure features a 4-inch voice coil and dual spider suspension with forced venting, again for improved heat dissipation and reduced power compression.

The SignalIntegritySensing pre-wiring of the LF and MF sections is said to ensure a fully dynamic cable/connector compensation between the LR24 and Sentinel, resulting in a fast and tight mid- and bass response, regardless of impedance or cable length, while reducing distortion even further (system damping factor >10.000).

The LR24 has a linear frequency response from 51Hz to 20,000Hz (-3dB), where the low-end control can be extended by the LB24 double-12” bass array-extension with the same cabinet foot print. The horizontal dispersion of 80 degrees is maintained down to 190Hz. The vertical dispersion enables a maximum cabinet splay angle of six degrees, still maintaining complete wavefront coherency without any disruption or lobing up to 20,000Hz.

The system is to be exclusively driven by four channels of the Sentinel, Alcons’ proprietary 10kW amplified loudspeaker controller. Through the integrated (steering) processing and feedback, the ALC offers LR24-specific drive processing with what Alcons believes is optimal response, directivity, reliability and user-friendliness.

The rigging system enables angle-setting on the cabinets, without lifting the array, resulting in faster set-up times with minimal handling. The flying system supports different ways of array assembling, per single cabinet or 4-cabinet pre-rig and is certified for 24 cabinets in a 10:1 safety ratio.

The LR24 is one element within a complete, application-configurable package, including the LB24 bass array- extension, BC543 triple 18” cardioid subwoofer system, Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, ARC 3D simulation tool and system connection and transport logistics.