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Aimline speakers outfit lecture halls in German university

Aimline loudspeakers have been installed at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany, by AV specialists Faircom-Media.

The University commissioned three new lecture halls to be fitted out with Aimline digital steerable column loudspeakers. They specified the speakers had to be feedback free and have high speech intelligibility when used with headsets and lavaliere microphones. The Aimline speakers also have the ability to reach high speech intelligibility over long distances.

In the biggest lecture hall, Leonardo 1 with 180 seats, two Aimline ALM17.3 were installed, each equipped with 17 x 3.5in subwoofers and three Ribbon-HF drivers. In each of the other two lecture halls Leonardo 4 and Leonardo 5, two Aimline ALM 10.2 were used, each equipped with 10 x 3.5in woofers and two Ribbon-HF drivers.

Stefan Aust from the planning agency PBR in Osnabrück stated: “Suggesting the use of a steerable Aimline-speaker made it easy to convince the customer. The speech intelligibility is high-class and the design fits perfectly into the ambience.”

“Installation and technical integration was quite easy and programming the columns with the Aimline-Control-software was quick and simple”, added Stephan Bergmann from Faircom-Media.