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Adamson speakers chosen for Dutch music venue

013, the largest live music venue in the Netherlands, is to upgrade its main hall (the Jupiler Hall) with a complete Adamson sound reinforcement system.

Located in the centre of Tilburg, 013 was the first concert hall in the Netherlands purpose built for live amplified music. Since its opening in 1998, artists including Robbie Williams, Nice Inch Nails, Muse, Snoop Dogg, Damien Rice, Kraftwerk, 30 Seconds To Mars, Slayer, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sigur Rós, Editors and Interpol, have performed there.

The Jupiler Hall can currently accommodate up to 2,000 ticketholders, but expansion plans have been drawn up that will allow capacity to increase to 3,000. The hall is known for its U-shaped balcony and dramatic stairs that ascend to the main floor. The room was designed to ensure an excellent view of the stage from any seat in the house. As a result the space retains an intimate feel despite its capacity.

“After months of extensive demos with several excellent systems, the Adamson system came out on top,” explained Herbert van Sloun, head of production at 013. “Our criteria included overall sound quality, the support of the organisation behind the system, the rider-friendliness and the operational cost. In the end, choosing Adamson was the only logical decision to make.”

The new PA will handle the venues needs for everything from smaller musical acts to heavy rock shows and electronic dance music. It consists of 18 Energía E15 enclosures – two arrays of nine – hung to the left and right of the stage with three SpekTrix cabinets added on either side for downfill purposes. Frontfill will be handled by four SpekTrix enclosures with lip fill taken care of by four Adamson Point Concentric PC 8 loudspeakers. Two Point 12 loudspeakers were selected for outfill and twelve new Adamson Energía E218 subwoofers will take care of driving the low end.

“Everybody – the audience, the 013 employees and in-house and visiting sound engineers – were literally and figuratively blown away by the sound of the Adamson E15,” van Sloun concluded. “We can hardly wait to have the system in house and operational.”