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A glass act from Waterfall Audio

Niagara is the latest model in Waterfall’s series of glass-enclosed speakers

Waterfall Audio has introduced its latest range of speakers encased in glass – Niagara. The Niagara is enclosed in 3/4in” thick diamond glass and stands 3ft 11in tall. Different in colour from regular glass, diamond glass is said to be a very luxurious material treated at high temperatures for maximum clarity and transparency that allows the speaker’s drivers to appear to float in mid air.

The custom-built mid/bass Atohm drivers, are equipped with the patented ADT (Acoustic Damping Tube) and the Glass Horn Tweeter, which is mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure. This is supported by an ultra low-frequency passive driver in a down-firing position in the solid aluminium base.

The quality and build coupled with the ground breaking design saw the Niagara winning a place in the top 10 Best Designed products of the year – Home Entertainment Magazine USA.