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Secondary school goes lamp-free after “huge” 90 projector replacement project

Sheffield based Ecclesfield School, partners with Casio to deploy 90 Slim Series laser projectors in 90 classrooms

Sheffield based Ecclesfield School, partners with Casio to deploy 90 Slim Series laser projectors in 90 classrooms 

A Sheffield school has invested tens of thousands of pounds to help improve the quality of teaching its classrooms, with the installation of 90 lamp free laser projectors.

Working closely with technology solutions provider CBC Computers, Ecclesfield School has replaced all existing projectors with Casio’s “leading” Green Slim Series models.

The school, which had used lamp based projectors made by Casio for more than four years, took the decision after a short trial.

Major hit

The move, according to the school’s ICT support officer Michael Rodgers, proved to be a “hit” amongst staff and wanted to ensure continuity for all teachers in different rooms.

Rodgers also revealed the school would typically have to replace between 10 and 15 projectors per annum due to hardware failures or a drop off in brightness over time. Through this auditing process, the team decided that they were spending far too much time and money on projector maintenance and set out to find a solution.

“We have chosen Casio projectors for years now,” said Rogers. “We started with a trial model which one of our colleagues had acquired as a result of meeting the Casio projectors team at Bett Show. The projector was such a hit with staff that we decided to roll out an entire fleet of Casio Green Slim projectors in 90 of the rooms in our school.”


He continued: “Since acquiring a fleet of Casio projectors, we have only had to replace one model out of the 90 we have had fitted. The process was incredibly simple, with Casio arranging for the faulty model to be switched with a brand new projector straight away. All of Casio’s projectors are covered by a five year/10,000 hour warranty, which made the switch quick, easy and hassle free.

“Casio and CBC Computers have provided us with a real fix-it-and-forget-it solution.”

Better quality

During this project, Ecclesfield specified to CBC Computers that the new replacement models needed to offer a much higher picture quality than their predecessors.

Casio projectors feature an intelligent brightness control that adjusts brightness levels according to the ambient light in the room. This not only ensures that visuals remain vivid and bright, but due to the laser and LED light source, brightness levels are guaranteed to remain consistent across the projector’s 20,000 hour lifetime.

Nearly every teaching room is now equipped with a Casio Green Slim projector, which makes the total an impressive 90 projectors installed in the school, ensuring continuity throughout the building and promoting ease of use for teachers.