2N Mobile Audio Gateway connects phones to PA systems

Existing PA systems can be adapted to take voice announcements delivered directly from a mobile or landline telephone.
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The new Mobile Audio Gateway (MAG) from 2N allows voice announcements to be delivered directly from a mobile or landline telephone through an existing PA system. The product is distributed via CIE-Group as part of its installed system ‘problem solvers’ product portfolio.

It allows live voice announcements to be delivered to a specified zone or site-wide area (where a GSM or 3G signal is available) from anywhere on site, anywhere in the country or even globally.

The 2N Mobile Audio Gateway GSM system is connected via a line out and relay contact switch to any standard PA system. The user then simply calls a stored telephone number from their mobile or landline telephone and, after hearing a ‘gong’ tone, can start talking to deliver their live public address announcement. The 2N Mobile Audio Gateway also features a built-in switch-pair which will allow for priority override to the amplifier/PA system if required.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Edwards, marketing director at CIE-Group, said: “This system is an ideal upgrade for existing PA systems as it allows authorised users to make direct announcements – for example marketing messaging, emergency or lost child announcements or event results – without the need to ‘return to base’ or use a roaming wireless microphone. The appeal of the 2N Mobile Audio Gateway is very wide as it’s a simple and cost-effective way to harness the benefits of mobile technology to a standard 100V line or low impedance PA system.”

In addition, a single user can make live announcements to any number of sites simply by making repeat phone calls to each Gateway device. For instance, where a company has multiple manufacturing plants around the world, announcements can be made from head office to each site’s PA system from a single mobile or landline telephone.

CIE-Group believes that the MAG is suited for applications within retail chains, production plants, office buildings, university campuses and outdoor events.

Further information and for a full technical specification are available on the CIE-Group website.