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Symetrix processing for Iceland swimming facility

The popular Álftaneslaug swimming pool in Garðabær, Iceland, has become the latest exercise and relaxation destination to invest in a Symetrix processing solution. A Zone Mix 761 fixed-architecture DSP, in combination with ARC-SW4e wall panels, allows flexible mixing and paging across the multi-zone site.

Both indoor and outdoor pool areas, as well as general communal spaces are covered by the new system, which was designed by Bjarni Friðriksson in collaboration with Reykjavík-based systems supplier Pfaff hf. With a team featuring sales manager Bragi Kort, long-term Symetrix user Pfaff hf was also responsible for installing the new equipment.

“The Zone Mix 761’s ‘plug and play’ design and its high input and output count made this an ideal choice for the project,” said Kort. “Along with the ARC-SW4 wall panels – which provide very straightforward control over source selection and preset triggering – Álftaneslaug now has a highly effective paging configuration covering multiple zones.”

The venue’s audio installation also includes equipment from Apart Audio, Soundtube and Tannoy.

An popular choice for theme parks, entertainment venues and other high-density public spaces, the Zone Mix 761 adds ARC-WEB browser-based interfacing capability to the specification of its predecessor, the Zone Mix 760.

“The 761 is popular because it’s optimised for the specification of zone mixing and paging, and features a beautiful and intuitive user interface,” comment Mark Ullrich, international sales manager for Symetrix.“Year after year we’re still seeing marked growth even with a relatively mature product which really goes to underline the enduring popularity of this solution.”