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Vivitek unveils new 4K home entertainment projector

Vivitek has announced the launch of the HK2200, a new 4K home entertainment projector. It includes exceptional image quality and advanced visual enhancement features are designed to transform the viewing and entertainment experience at home.

Compact and flexible enough to fit into any living room, the HK2200 boasts a feature set that will bring added vibrancy to music videos, even more tension to thrillers, increased excitement to sports events and further intensity to game play. Designed to entertain, the HK2200 delivers a large projection screen area greater than 220cm wide and more than 100in diagonally. The visual experience brings a new dimension in size – what were once small images on a mobile phone or on the television, now come alive on the big screen, right in front of the viewer in 4K. This turns an image from a picture being watched on a device’s screen, into a real world view comparable to watching through a window.

The HK2200’s advanced visual enhancement features includes the latest 4K-UHD DMD chip set technology from Texas Instrument, which enables full 8.3 million pixels to be displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, true-to-life colour accuracy – with a Rec.709 colour gamut space and perfect colour reproduction – ensures content bursts into life in a way not experienced on devices with smaller screens.

Further optimising the sharpness to help distinguish visuals even more precisely, is the detail enhancement ViviPeaking function, which refines surfaces details to improve detail accuracy for an optimal viewing experience, while an HDRfunction provides enhanced clarity and distinguished visuals. For an even punchier image, the HK2200 comes with Colour Enhancer and skin tone optimiser functions, which fine-tune the saturation of colours and adjust hue only for skin tones, to ensure they’re portrayed in highly accurate shades. To tailor the viewing experience even more, a full set of colour management tools are offered, and also the projector comes with ISF-ready calibration tools to fine tune the colour result to its best.

Action film buffs will appreciate the enhanced viewing experience delivered by ViviMotion. This frame interpolation function reduces motion judder to create a fluid and flawless video stream. It processes and increases the intermediate frames in between originals, in order to create a smooth film viewing experience.

As with all Vivitek devices, the HK2200 has an abundance of connectivity features. These range from two HDMI v2.0 inputs, which ensure a high quality connection to multiple devices at home, like Blu-ray players, game consoles or PCs. It supports USB multimedia viewer, which gives users the ability to slideshow images or video playback from a USB flash drive. It is also benefits from wireless mirroring function, which allows screen mirroring of compatible devices to the big screen. It is also Chromecast-ready, and offers the option to use external wireless casting equipment and powers it with the USB port from the projector. Additionally, the HK2200 features a 12v trigger function for external device control, such as activating a screen or a sound system when turning the projector on.

Holger Graeff, general manager, Vivitek EMEA, commented: “The HK2200 is the right projector for tapping into today’s booming 4K trend. Audiences increasingly expect 4K content, and we’re offering them the very best in 4K screen size and a viewing experience that 4K TVs can’t beat. Yet all of this viewing excellence comes in a compact and lightweight form that’s suitable for any living room, while delivering a spectacular image that enables 4K content to shine. Factor in its value for money, and the HK2200 presents a compelling case to film, music video, games and sports fans.”