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ViewSonic’s M1 mini LED projectors light cycling event

Moths to the Moon Light – A Lunar Cycle – lit by immersive moth lights

ViewSonic Corp helped to light the Moths to the Moon Light – A Lunar Cycle outdoor community cycling event in Milton Keynes, England throughout September. The event saw bicycles equipped with ViewSonic’s M1 mini LED projectors taking to the town’s extensive shared-use bikeways, illuminating the path with animated moths that are representative of the area’s rich natural history.

Moths to the Moon Light – A Lunar Cycle was commissioned by the local council as part of a creative initiative to build on increased public uptake of cycling and walking during the pandemic. All 50 of the event’s participants were provided with ViewSonic’s M1 mini, a 300-gram featherweight LED pocket cinema projector, which was attached to their bicycles.

The M1 mini projected animations of Milton Keynes’ diverse moth species were created by British projection company Illuminos. The moths were cast onto the path ahead of the bicycles, leading them to their destination, to create an immersive experience for the community of Milton Keynes through the use of advanced visual technology.

“When we came up with the concept for Moths to the Moonlight, the image of gleaming moths meandering their way along the Redways after dark, each beamed out from a different cyclist, we knew that it would only work if we could find mini projectors that were up to the challenge of being attached to bikes, and powerful enough to light up the path with animated content,” said Rob Vale, the co-founder of Illuminos, “The ViewSonic M1 mini proved to be a perfect choice, and really made the piece possible. Everyone was delighted with seeing their own moth fluttering ahead of them within the event, leading them through the park, and it was wonderful to see the initial concept come to life so well.”

At the end of their journey the event’s participants met at a local amphitheater where they were greeted by a massive projection of the moon. After the event, participants spoke of how it “felt magical” to be guided through Milton Keynes’ famous network of paths by the intricate projections, while others spoke of how the event had helped to bring back a sense of community after the pandemic.

Winning a Design Excellence award at the iF Product Design Awards in 2020, the M1 mini projector is  ideal for outdoor or on-the-go use due to its lightweight and ultra-mini size. Additionally, the projector’s built-in battery and JBL speaker together deliver convenient audiovisual entertainment anywhere, while offering flexible projection angles with an adjustable smart stand that can satisfy any viewing needs.

“ViewSonic is happy to take part in such a worthwhile activity that encourages people to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family after such a trying period,” said Dean Tsai, Head of LED Display & Projector Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We’re committed to developing the most innovative audiovisual solutions with user-centric designs; this event was a perfect opportunity to both do something beneficial for the community, as well as to show how our unique products can enhance daily life in extraordinary ways.”