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Illuminating Magic receives Guinness World Record for largest projection mapping show

Faced with the task of bringing a projection mapping dinner show to life for over 1600 hundred guests, and in fewer than two days, Illuminating Magic needed the right projection partners to ensure the show would be a success – from setup and installation, to execution at the event.

Having established a close partnership with Optoma through several successful integrations, Jason McFerran, Founder of Illuminating Magic, once again tapped the company to determine the best projectors within the client’s budget. Given the team’s requirements, Optoma recommended the 1080p HD143X as a projection solution that would guarantee bright and detailed animations displayed onto the guests’ tables.

With only 38 hours in the venue space to set up before the start of the event, the team had to install 220 projector units to execute the grand spectacle. First, the team devised a floor plan and power grid system to determine an appropriate and safe layout for the projectors. Once the floor plan was developed, the team determined that the installation required nearly 7,000 feet of HDMI cables, 5,800 feet of power cables and 1,300 feet of projection surface.

Once the projectors were installed, the team faced the task of running the projection mapping animations from each unit. Using BrightSign boxes that communicated the media content to the projectors, they developed a programming system that connected every eight projectors to a BrightSign box by an HDMI cable, allowing the animations to be controlled from a single iPad.

The team worked tirelessly throughout the night, overcoming unexpected glitches, colour matching the projectors to ensure the animations ran consistently across every unit, and carefully setting up the thousands of feet of cables to power the projectors and run the table animation program.

As a result of the show’s calibre and successful execution, Illuminating Magic was recognised by Guinness World Records for the largest projection mapping display. Operating 57,000 watts of power and 660,000 lumens of light during the one-time event, Illuminating Magic was able to celebrate their own successes that night.