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Exclusive: Digital Projection global marketing VP on ISE

Mark Wadsworth, vice president for global marketing, takes a positive view of '21 event

• How did you find exhibiting at Barca or London – in terms of logistics and footfall/leads? Was it worth it and would you do it again in the event that Covid messes up 2022 as well?
We had a small stand at ISE London and it exceeded our expectations. While it is not ISE as we all know and love, it was a fantastic networking opportunity with a steady flow of quality visitors, a stepping stone to the real event next year.

• If you visited either event, how was it overall for you – both in terms of it being worthwhile (or not), and also in terms of the Covid safety measures? Would you attend a small regional event again in the future – either if it was forced by Covid or if ISE rolled them out as an add-on to the main annual show?
It was definitely worthwhile and felt safe, it was well spaced out, hand sanitisation stations, masks and track and trace. I think they did everything they could under the circumstances. We would probably do a regional event again if we had to, but the big shows are still the primary destination. It is only at the bigger events we can set up a lot of kit which simply isn’t a viable option at the smaller shows.

• What about the spread of exhibitors: Okay, given the circumstances?
The physical spread was great and there was some good diversity exhibitors. There wasn’t as much kit on display as at a usual ISE, but the point of this show was never to recreate the big show.

• How has ISE 2021 influenced your feelings about the event as a whole? Has it made you more determined to have a great 2022, or has it dampened your enthusiasm? Do you have any suggestions for ISE for 2022 based on what you saw this year?
The vibe on the show floor was in generally very positive and it showed an appetite to get back to normal. The signs are positive for ISE 2022 and the London show definitely increased our enthusiasm for it.