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Vizrt launches PTZ3 PLUS camera range

New range boasts AI-driven talent tracking, greater microphone choice with phantom power, and integration with augmented reality (AR)

Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, has launched the PTZ3 PLUS and PTZ3 UHD PLUS range of cameras, which it describes as a ‘broadcastAV’ product. Bridging the gap between pro AV and broadcast, the PTZ3 PLUS range are designed to deliver high quality video for live productions, or presentations. The new range boasts AI-driven talent tracking, greater microphone choice with phantom power, and integration with augmented reality (AR).

With the talent tracking facility, Vizrt says tracking continues even when talent turns away from the shot, with an auto 0.5-10s timeout/reset if the presenter leaves the presentation area. The camera never tracks off set, or breaks a green screen effect, thanks to edge limitation. Blackboard detection locks the camera in place when it identifies a presentation area for a more enjoyable viewer experience.

To simplify setup and use of camera tracking data for augmented reality (AR) or extended reality (XR) system setups, the cameras embed the open FreeD tracking data protocol in the NDI|HX stream itself, adding camera position, rotation, and lens data metadata into every frame.

Vizrt says this “world-first development” removes the need for additional hardware and reduces production complexity, making it easier for content creators to create broadcast quality content with high-end graphics systems like Viz Virtual Studio Go.

With software-controlled phantom power to the mini XLR port, any microphone or audio source can be connected to ingest audio in the same NDI|HX stream, powering +48v microphones with no amplifier needed. Two-step confirmation prevents accidentally powering non-powered microphones. According to Vizrt, this reduces setup complexity for AV deployments and remote production needs, and offers easier integration with various workflows and less equipment needed.

Liam Hayter, product manager, Vizrt, said: Our users have been calling for new features within our PTZ camera range to further elevate live streams, corporate town halls, visual radio, and live events. AI presenter tracking keeps talent in shot automatically, phantom powered audio makes remote setups even easier, and the world’s first implementation of FreeD-over-NDI|HX embeds camera tracking metadata in every frame over NDI|HX, simplifying the setup of augmented reality and virtual reality setups like Viz Virtual Studio Go.”

A single ethernet cable provides video, audio, power, control, tally, and FreeD camera tracking data over NDI|HX. Owners of the original NewTek PTZ3 and PTZ3 UHD models can enjoy FreeD-over-NDI|HX with a free firmware upgrade available on

The PTZ3 PLUS (1080p60 with 20x optical zoom) and PTZ3 UHD PLUS (4Kp60 with 30x optical zoom) are available to order now in black and white variants directly from Vizrt, or through a range of certified partners.