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Marketing information: Exterity

Below you will find a selection of links to marketing literature that provide further reading on some of Exterity’s key digital signage and IPTV products and solutions.

ArtioSign Digital Signage + IPTV in One

ArtioGuest Interactive Guest Experience Portal

AvediaServer Central management platform for your entire IPTV system

Media Players Receive and display high-quality video streams on any display 

Encoders Stream high quality, low latency video over IP

Gateways Stream hundreds of live TV and radio channels across your organisation

Exterity Design Services for the creation of ArtioSign templates and ArtioGuest portals

IP Video Solutions in Corporate & Finance

IP Video Solutions in Stadiums & Venues

IP Video Solutions in Higher Education

Customer Case Studies

More information can be found on Exterity’s website.¬†