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InfoComm: Fulcrum Acoustic introduces new RX Series

Compact installation loudspeakers will debut in demo room N102 at the Las Vegas expo

Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced the new RX series of compact installation loudspeakers. Updates to the 5.25in and 6.5in models and the addition of a 4in and 8in model adds new features and expands the already popular series. 

The new, ultra-compact RX4 (100° x 100°) enclosure s designed to be easily integrated into walls, stair risers, stage lip, and under balcony applications. The new RX8 (90° x 70°) expands the capabilities of the RX series by delivering more output and an extended low frequency response. The updated RX5 (90° x 70°) and RX6 (90° x 70°) are said to boast a refined aesthetic, improved mounting options and a new crossover and horn design for improved off-axis response. 

“RX has been extremely successful for us over the years because of its compact size, extreme output and high fidelity,” said Todd Foster, VP of sales at Fulcrum Acoustic. “The market has been asking for a smaller and larger solution in this range. With this update, we’re offering more sizes and a sleeker look, while maintaining the RX’s signature sonic character”. 

RX are known for delivering surprisingly high-output from small enclosures and are ideal in applications where high SPLs are required but limited space is available. Their broad coverage patterns are effective even in close quarters and their coaxial design assures even, consistent sound throughout the pattern. They are minimally intrusive and can be seamlessly integrated into any venue. 

The new RX series will debut at InfoComm 2024, and can be experienced in demo room N102.