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Exterity launches array of new IP Video and Digital Signage products

Exterity launched an array of new products upon its return to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2020), which ran from 11-14 February in The Netherlands. 

The new product showcase at ISE 2020 followed a highly successful 2019 when Exterity’s solutions were adopted by a number of new customers around the world, including motorsport park The Bend, French media company NextRadioTV and the Parliament of Victoria in Australia. The company also opened a software innovation centre in Porto and strengthened key partnerships with Intel, Philips, Samsung, Sky and Sony.

“2020 promises to be a great year as we build on Exterity’s continuing strong growth, commitment to providing our global customers with cutting-edge technologies and the highest level of service and support,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity.

“The AV and digital signage market remains buoyant as more businesses – ranging from international banks to world renowned hotel brands – strive to meet the growing expectations of tech-savvy consumers in an increasingly connected world.”

Exterity’s technologies are pushing the bounds of the AV industry, enabling more tightly integrated unified communications services. The latest products and solutions showcased at ISE 2020 included:

New 4K Media Player with 4K 60fps graphics and animations capability


In the first half of 2020, Exterity is bringing to market the new AvediaPlayer m9605 Media Player with the ability to integrate both 4K video and stunning 4K 60fps graphics and animations into digital signage for an enhanced and captivating visual experience. This powerful new platform fully integrates into Exterity’s IP video ecosystem and features an Intel Core CPU, high capacity on-device storage, and a quiet, fanless design. The Exterity stand at ISE will feature an upclose demo of the new m9605 media player with its 4K graphics and video capabilities on display.

Additionally, for those wishing to deliver an enhanced 4K in-room experience, the new AvediaPlayer m9400 has been designed specifically for use with ArtioGuest, Exterity’s hospitality middleware. It enables organisations to deliver a captivating video experience through advanced 4K video capability and benefits from PoE and a quiet, fanless design.

New ArtioFlow workflow app

ArtioFlow enables the creation of  time-saving workflows by simply dragging a series of actions across the IPTV system – such as power on, set volume or channel change – to create action sequences. For instance, a corporate organisation could create an ArtioFlow workflow that turns a group of devices on at the start of the business day, sets a main news channel and then mutes the screens located in public areas. Users can also create workflow triggers, so screens will be automatically and instantly updated when specific events occur. 

Next generation Encoders ship with Intel E3900 series technology inside

Exterity’s next generation 38-series AvediaStream HDMI Encoders, powered by Intel’s innovative  Atom® E3900 processor, provide a more flexible solution, capable of supporting a wider range of codecs versus traditional, single codec ASIC solutions.

New Pro:Idiom Gateway

The latest addition to the Exterity AvediaStream Gateway family supports content-protected live TV and radio from satellite sources and streams it securely across an IP network. With dual conditional access slots and built-in Pro:Idiom encryption, the g4417-pi meets the most stringent content protection requirements and delivers high value and broadcaster premium channels across an IP network.

New AvediaStream g4401 IP-IP Gateway

The launch of the new g4401 IP-IP Gateway means that two paired Exterity gateways can send and receive secure and reliable video streams over the internet using the SRT protocol. This enables organisations to deliver live video, such as training sessions, between remote sites, without the need for costly dedicated delivery networks. Additionally, the new gateway supports the input of Transport Streams delivered by IPTV providers, enabling the selection of required channels for re-distribution over the LAN. 

At the show, Exterity founder and Chief Technical Officer Mike Allan featured in a panel debate, ‘AV over IP’, on the ISE Main Stage. The session looked at the fact there are multiple ways of sending AV signals over a network yet with no adopted standard, raising questions such as: How can buyers plan ahead? And what business and technical factors should they consider? Mike Allan recently authored an Exterity guide to Understanding IP Video Technologies: with the terms ‘IPTV’ and ‘AVoIP’ frequently interchanged, the guide looks at how focusing on the use case can help determine the right technology for IP video distribution.