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Exterity delivers enhancements to ArtioSign, ArtioGuest and AvediaServer

Exterity is pleased to announce the immediate availability of numerous enhancements to ArtioSign, ArtioGuest and the AvediaServer. 

High Availability

Enjoy an uninterrupted ArtioSign and ArtioGuest experience by setting up a secondary server which will automatically take over if the primary server becomes unavailable. This High Availability scenario means you’ll always be able to design, manage and display signage screens or guest portals without any interruption.

Key benefits of High Availability

  • Ensure an uninterrupted signage experience when creating, publishing and managing content
  • Benefit from peace of mind, knowing your IP video system is ultra-reliable
  • Provide a continuous service for viewers with no risk of downtime
New features in ArtioSign

Integration with Oracle Simphony Point of Sale
Display eye-catching, dynamic menu boards in digital signage, which are updated automatically when prices or availability change, ensuring the information displayed is always up to date for an optimised customer experience.


Key Benefits of ArtioSign and Oracle Simphony Integration

  • Save time with automatic updates, rather than having to change individual screens
  • Make sure the information displayed is always up to date and avoid customer disappointment
  • Use dynamic pricing to promote select food or beverages
  • Reduce costs of printing and shipping of static menu board inserts

Advanced user permissions in ArtioSign
ArtioSign’s new approval process enables managers to accept, reject or amend ArtioSign content before it gets published, ensuring that only approved content is used and communications are always on-brand and accurate.

Key benefits of Advanced Approvals

  • Ensure content is up to date, on brand and impactful
  • Eliminate the risk of having signage published publicly before it’s approved
  • Approve or edit the changes in seconds and save time

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New Features in ArtioGuest

Display ArtioGuest over hybrid RF / Wi-Fi networks
Exterity and Sony’s brand new integrated hospitality offering enables hotel with a traditional RF channel delivery to deploy ArtioGuest portals over Wi-Fi, delivering the same level of entertainment service as those with a cutting-edge, IP-based network.

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ArtioGuest – Video play on portal load
Welcome guests with a channel that plays automatically when the TV is switched on and the portal loads, displaying information such as promotional videos, movie trailers to promote VOD sales, or welcome messages.

ArtioGuest – Video on demand improvements
Guests can watch trailers before purchasing VoD assets, and will be given the option to resume viewing if they haven’t watched a movie to the end.

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ArtioFlow Triggers

Our last release introduced ArtioFlow, which enables organisations to easily create workflows in ArtioSign and ArtioGuest, by simply dragging actions such as power on or channel change into a sequence. These workflows can now be triggered when specific events occur; for instance, to mute all TVs and display important information, quickly and effectively communicating a message that requires immediate attention.

Key benefits of Workflow Triggers

  • Display communications tailored to specific events or times
  • Save time by setting up automatic triggers in advance
  • Communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time