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Chasing waterfalls at Paris City Hall with #HackingParis

Le Hacking de l’Hotel de Ville 2020 “Hacking Paris 2020”, is a start-up event created for business people around the world to network and connect. The event took place under the majestic ceilings at Paris City Hall “Salle des Fêtes”.

For the event, Digital Essence proposed to light up the big and beautiful stairs of the entrance with a great artistic and interactive video of a waterfall using their powerful HeavyM projection mapping software.

Digital Essence opted for the WU630 projector to projection map scenes of cascading waterfalls onto the stairs.

The Optoma pro AV installation projector is a bright WUXGA projector capable of shining a stunning 6,000 lumens. The brightness combined with a 4400:1 contrast ratio means it is able to deliver sharp and punchy images. A motorized lens shift, zoom and focus also ensures simple, stress-free installation, while the three-position lens memory allows for quick and easy scene changes.

A main aspect of the waterfall was the interactivity of the content, Arnaud Berthonneau, CMO of Digital Essence, explained, “We used a ZED tracking camera from Stereolabs to detect the position of each person to generate different light effects that follow them.

“When people are there, we automatically trigger a video of a waterfall, to highlight the entrance of the event. We used HeavyM software to manage the whole technical installation, and to generate the waterfall visual.”

Arnaud said, “We have worked with Optoma for a number of years, and their products never fail to work seamlessly with the projection mapping software we design for HeavyM.

“There was awesome feedback from the visitors and the event planner. The stairs were shared by thousands on social media – it was a positive image for the event!”.