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LED video walls: Why content is truly KING!

Lainie Mataras, consultant, architect, design group director at Planar, and one of our Pro AV Watch List winners for 2022, explains to end users on why content is crucial for video walls

The integration of LED video walls has become more affordable than ever, with LED options to meet any installation requirement. It’s hard not to bump into a LED video wall throughout your daily life, whether it’s in a local retail establishment, your corporate lobby, and even your local school.   

If you are considering designing a LED video wall into your space start thinking about the content and messaging you want displayed as well. This one step could save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Creating content for video walls is different than for other forms of content creation, and needs to be thought of before the technology is designed, or at least at the same time. No doubt that incredible content can make a wall look captivating and evoke great emotions and ultimately increase a space’s ‘cool’ factor, but not budgeting the content design costs at an early stage can be financially disastrous. In fact, content management and content development can be a significant cost to factor into your media wall design, in addition to the hardware and services. Content is what will make your company stand out from the rest, and keep people engaged with your brand. Not everyone has an in-house marketing team, so getting estimates on digital content creation at the same time you hire an AV consultant or integrator can help set your budget in the right direction.

Understanding how you want to use your video wall will help you understand how to create content for it. Do you want your viewers to interact with it by adding a touch frame? Do you want proximity sensors incorporated into the video wall to automate interaction with your target viewer? You can even use text-to-image AI to create content for your video wall. Imagine hearts exploding on your lobby display based on texts of the word love. 

DISCAS is the display image size for 2D content in audio visual systems. Understanding the content for your video wall application will help guide you to the proper size and pixel pitch of your LED video wall. Is your content mostly text based? How close or far away are your viewers from the wall? Designing the technology and not having the discussion of content at the same time could mean that the content created has text too small to be read or content too pixelated to be viewed properly. 

Content must be refreshed to continually keep eye traffic on the video wall. Consider partnering with a content provider that offers a content subscription model where content is refreshed on a scheduled timeframe, perhaps quarterly.  You want content that is engaging, relevant and has high brand recall. Too many times I have seen amazing video walls with grand opening content for day one, but no plans for what will be seen on day 30, 60, 90 and beyond. Afterall, the lifespan of your LED video wall could be ten or more years, so great content can make that display investment look continually fresh and new.

Choosing a great content partner is as paramount as choosing the best display manufacturer. One without the other can not exist for long.  

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