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Exclusive: Head of marketing at DTEN on Microsoft ‘alliance’

Nia Celestin discusses the company’s recent announcement outlining its forthcoming Microsoft Teams certification –which is only a few months away

What was the main driving force behind your new Teams alliance with Microsoft?
More than ever, customers are requiring their technology to be flexible to meet the ever-evolving needs of hybrid work and learning. And at DTEN, the customer experience is an obsession. We are responding to the fast-growing demand for accessible, high-quality, immersive video conferencing solutions worldwide, including more than 270 million Microsoft Teams users.

As a company that has always been exclusively aligned to Zoom, how does it impact your relationship with them?
Our relationship with Zoom has been unmatched over the years. DTEN and Zoom have been partners since 2017. We have co-developed all-in-one video conferencing solutions that revolutionised collaboration. Our relationship with Zoom remains unchanged. We are still very much aligned in product design and engineering and go-to market strategies. There are a lot of new Zoom features that are best supported by DTEN devices. We continue to allocate resources to launch new innovations for Zoom.

The Teams certification is a huge strategic shift for DTEN, how has this impacted the organisation internally, especially within your product development department?
Our line of products have always been very focused because of the nature of the devices being all-in-one, touchscreen, AI-powered and feature-rich. So our teams will continue with their usual dedication towards designing products while carefully considering support for meeting equity, increased engagement and participation in hybrid work. It is only natural for our entire D7X family of products to eventually enter the certification process. We also see this development as a great opportunity to be the single vendor of choice for hardware, support and device management, optimised with the customer’s collaboration platform of choice.

Will you be looking to certify your devices on any other platforms?
Currently, our roadmap focuses on device certification for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Driving new opportunities for the brand and our solutions and expanding flexibility for our customers are of utmost importance. New developments will continue to unfold for DTEN. 

What can we expect to see in 2023 from DTEN?
2023 is a very exciting year for DTEN. Of course, we are expecting to finish the device certification for Teams. We recently previewed our upcoming innovation, the DTEN D7X Pro – an all-in-one video collaboration solution for Enterprise. DTEN has always been committed to providing flexible and accessible video conferencing solutions to our customers. We have an extensive line up of products to expand our portfolio and enhance the meeting experience of our customers.