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Interview: Dominique Bonneau, general manager, Kramer Electronics, France

When did you first become involved with Kramer and what attracted you to the company?

My relationship with Kramer started when I was the general manager for FNAC Video Enterprise (a subsidiary of one of the biggest retail chains in France). Back then, I was selling Kramer products for commercial AV installations with a special focus on the rental and staging market. It was one of my preferred brands to promote as Kramer has always been both cost-effective and reliable. In 2007, Kramer decided to open a sales office in France and my connection to the company deepened. I was already close with their local representative due to previous dealings and when he was chosen to manage Kramer’s local operations, he offered me to join the team. I am proud to say ever since, I’ve been part of the Kramer family. I started as the product manager for the Broadcast market and salesperson for the Paris area and was recently promoted to the position of general manager of Kramer France.

How has the company evolved during your time there?

Over the past 11 years I have seen Kramer evolve from a “box mover” to a true “solution provider”. With our extensive and robust portfolio there is no need we cannot meet – whether its AV signal management, cables, control or collaboration. A good example of this evolution is the opening of our User Experience Center in Paris. There we are able to show end-to-end solutions catering to the needs of consultants, system integrators and end users.

What’s proving popular right now? 

I believe the biggest opportunity for growth lies within the AV/IT convergence. There has been talk of this synergy for several years and now I think we are seeing both industries embracing the other. Solutions are now better suited to run over IP networks than ever before and much of Kramer’s focus is on this area.

Why do you think that is?

The convergence of these two industries has changed Pro AV with the ownership of AV moving to IT departments. To reflect this shift, Kramer has coined the term “AV over IT”. As a company, we understand that we need to speak the same language as the new AV owners. Today, a company can grow only if it provides IT-friendly solutions – both from a technology and work methodology perspectives.

What’s your best advice to end users investing in their AV?

A: My best advice to end users is to be curious and ask as many questions as possible. We understand that the world of AV is unfamiliar territory for IT professionals and Kramer is ready to be by their side – from pre-sale, to system design, to post-sale support and everything in between (and after!). Technology, by its nature, is ever changing and we are constantly developing solutions which make AV over IT synergy a seamless process. We advise end users to familiarize themselves with technology choices and are happy to provide demonstrations of our user-friendly solutions whenever possible.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

My guilty pleasure is skiing so I try and travel to the Alps region as much as I can – who can say no to that breathtaking nature?

Tell our readers something about you they may be surprised to know?

I consider a sense of humor to be one of the most important traits a person can have…. We are nothing if we cannot laugh and enjoy the moment!